Welcome to BlowTech

Our services include all transportation of even oversized loads, installation and putting into operation.

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We provide complete installation of machinery and equipment

Our reliable and professional team offers authorized service and diagnostics of SIDEL machines.

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Manufacture of machine parts according to the customer’s request

From the initial drawing to the finished product.

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Authorized service of SIDEL blowing machines

We are an authorized company providing the installation and service of PET blowing machines for SIDEL company, which we have been doing for 18 years.

Design and manufacture of machine parts

We design and manufacture machine parts according to customer’s requirements Specializing in stainless steel and food industry.

Polishing molds for the food and plastic industry

We provide complete polishing of molds with professional results.

General overhauls of machines in filling and packing technology

We are specialized in the installation of machinery and equipment mainly in the engineering and food industry.

Why are we better than others?


Modern equipment
We use professional and modern equipment


Qualified service
Our team has over 30 years of experience in all of the mentioned fields


Professional results
Our team’s experience and professional approach results in our clients satisfaction and reliance.

Our achievements


Reputable European service of SIDEL machines


Qualified professional team


Customer satisfaction


Družstevní 370,
250 81 Nehvizdy


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